Good day to you all.

I continue to pray every day, often multiple times.

This website also makes sure that I don’t miss a day.  By posting every day, I help both myself and others remember to pray every day – no matter what.

I continue to learn, and the negative thoughts that the devil is pushing into my head reduce, as he realises that he cannot defeat those who have the spirit of Jesus in them.

Our Father,
Continue to fill us all with your everlasting love.
Give us all the strength to live by your word,
so that when our time on this earth comes,
we can be granted eternal life in heaven.
You gave your son, Jesus Christ, for our sins,
and to show our gratitude,
we live by your rules.
One God always,
our faith in you we trust.


Here is wishing you all an amazing day and preparing for a restful weekend.