Good day everyone.

As mention yesterday, yesterday was the funeral of my Aunt Lorna.

Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic the numbers of people allowed at a funeral are drastically reduced, which is a shame.

Funerals are rarely nice times, but it is really does help knowing that she will have been judged.  Knowing that she too was religious, she will be in heaven with her parents and others that she has loved and lost, and also be waiting for her loved ones that she left behind.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for accepting Lorna into heaven.
Please look after her until we meet with her again.
We will miss her in this lifetime, 
and although full of grief,
we know that due to your loving mercy,
we will meet again with her and everyone else we love,
so long as we live by your word.
Please give us that remain on this world that you created the strength to continue,
and to live our lives to the full,
knowing that we will meet all of our loved ones in everlasting life.

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