Happy Monday everyone.

Every evening when I pray, I always start by thanking God for yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This way, if I don’t get the opportunity one day for proper prayer, then at least I have thanked the Lord for the prior day, today and tomorrow.  It gives me a little coverage.

Of course I haven’t missed a day since I started to pray. One day it might happen, and then I will know that throughout it all I have thanked the Lord for each and every day.

Below is less of a prayer, more a basic guide to how I generally pray.  Of course it may alter day to day, but it is how I base my evening prayer.

1) “Dear Lord”
2) “Thank you yesterday, today and tomorrow.”
3) Then I will seek forgiveness for any sins I made that day.  I try my best not to sin, but sometimes it happens.  I ask forgiveness for the specifics as well as general sins.  This helps me identify when I sin and what I can do to stop.
4) I will then make Thanks to my Lord for all of the great things that happened through the day – as I know that it is him that gives them.
5) I may then ask for help or blessings for the future for myself and others.
6) I close with a praise of God and Amen.

Do you have any specific guidelines that you use for your own personal prayers?  Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day.