Good morning to you all, and I hope you are well.

Today I get to continue with my Sports Massage course that I am currently undertaking.  Due to Coronavirus affecting the world, we were no longer allowed to practice, and so therefore my course ground to a halt.

I have read many testimonials of people who have received massage and received instant relief from their ailments.  Although this is not as great as the many miracles Jesus performed, I like to think of the benefits of a massage as a mini-miracle.  The simple adjusting of just one part of the body can have a wonderful results all over it.

I have read of the sheer amount of people that were wanting massages throughout this whole episode goes to prove how much a massage is often needed, and just a luxury.  People were asking Massage Therapists to break the rules of lockdown, despite the risk it presented in spreading the virus during the peak times.

I’m looking forward to getting back to it and hopefully passing this level soon so that I am able to start practising once qualified.

Today’s prayer is for those that are suffering pain and need to be healed.

My Lord
I pray that throughout my suffering you will give some comfort.
I pray for your power in those whose hands will aim to heal me.
Even though I am afraid,
I know you will grace me with your mercy and heal me through Jesus.

I am wishing you all a restful Sunday and hope you fully recharge for the upcoming week.