Hello to everyone.

I hope you are all doing well today and are keeping safe.

10 days ago my Aunt Lorna passed away.  She had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease over 2 years and it was sad to see her decline on the times that I saw her.

She was always a happy lady whenever I saw her, and I’m sure it isn’t the nicest of ways to end your life on this planet.

We are burying her next week, and I am proud to be one of those chosen to carry her coffin.  I know that many people are mourning her departure.

Today’s prayer is to ask God to help those of us who are mourning loss.

Almighty God,
source of all mercy.
Please deal graciously with those of us who mourn.
Allow them to cast their sorrow onto you,
so that they may know the consolation of your everlasting love;
through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Wishing you all an amazing weekend too.