Good day to you all.

Since recently finding Jesus, I have been met with different reactions.

Some people have been accepting, whilst other people have been mocking and dismissive.  Surprisingly it wasn’t always the people I thought would have a negative reaction that actually had it.

I have found it difficult when faced with such confusion, but I have remained strong and not denied Jesus just to avoid a difficult decision.  I accept that some people believe and some people don’t, and I have to respect their own beliefs.  I pray for those people.

Below is a prayer that I said last night to ask that those in my life who aren’t believers to have Jesus come to them for their own Salvation.

My Lord,
Nobody will come to you,
except through Jesus.
Please let Jesus come into the hearts of all non-believers,
so that we can all be together with you.
Your will be done, as it is in Heaven.

Thank you all again, and I pray you have an amazing day.