Hello everyone.

Yesterday I watched some videos on why what we think isn’t something we can help.  We just need to make sure that we aware that although we may think may be bad, it is because Satan is tempting, encouraging and attacking us.  Our God would not be giving us these thoughts, and so we must be always be strong to ensure that Satan doesn’t eat away at us.

God would never want us to think these things, and so be diligent when you have them and be aware that you are under attack from Satan.

So don’t feel bad that you have bad thoughts, everybody has them!  Just don’t ever take any action on them and continue speaking to God asking for strength to fend off these attacks.

Today’s prayer is to ask God for the strength to fight off these negative thoughts

My Lord,
Fill me with your Power.
Protect me from the temptations of Satan.
He knows he as an enemy of God that he cannot touch me,
yet he still continues to attack.
Please, my Lord,
fill my thoughts with all that is true and right.
Give me your eternal love and guard my mind.
Change my way of thinking,
and ensure that I am always living a life that allows me to sit with you in your world.


Thank you for visiting again and may your day be full of happiness.