Hi there. I’m Matt – 34 from Hereford, UK.

I went to a Church of England primary school as a child, so we were taught the bible and would sing Hymns.  However, I didn’t really ever fully understand or embrace Christianity.  

In my mid-teens, my mother was baptised as a Mormon.  We would attend meetings and had Mormon Missionaries come and spend a lot of time with us.  I liked them, however, again I didn’t understand or embrace it. 

Although I classed myself as an Atheist, I always had a niggling fear of “what if”.  So I never did fully dismiss the idea of God, but I wouldn’t ever entertain him either.

Then one day, I had a complete change of mind overnight.  I feel that I found Jesus!

A sudden calling to God caused me to Pray.  When my Prayer was answered, I believe that it was God who answered my prayer.

I am now reading and studying the Bible, and truly enjoying it.  I now pray every day, multiple times a day if needs be.  I find myself a quiet space, and just pray and be with God.

I believe that by Praying we can ask the Lord for help in our lives and the lives of others and also thank him for everything he gives us.

I started PrayerMatt.com to provide Prayer experience for myself and provide this service to anyone who would like me to pray for them. I believe by having more regular contact with Jesus, it will increase my bond with him.